All over the world more and more  actions are undertaken to promote science.  In the age of  Internet knowledge is  available for almost everyone. However, learning and innovation  are made thanks to fascination of people  who can work as a team. Others are just passive recipients and users of inventions. Therefore we need to popularize science and try to fascinate society with science.  Adults who are interested in science and  culture can share their interests  with the younger. Children and young people are fervent, do not see  barriers and their fantasy is amazing -  ideal features  of a contemporary scientist. These features should be supported and developed also  beyond  school classrooms.


The Foundation for the Development of the Commune of Kleszczów supports activities related to  popularization of science and  development of education. Pro-educational activity is one of the ways to integrate  the local society and a way to promote the commune as a place of  development of children and adolescents skills.

A magnet may be the Technical College for Modern Technologies, which  already attracts young people from all over Poland. This school occupies a very high place in the nationwide ranking of high schools/ in 2015 the first place/ and its students win prestigious competitions. Teachers at this school are  reaserchers  of the Faculty of  Technical University of Łódź.  The Technical College offers modern engineering and construction workshops and advanced science laboratories.

The 1st science and culture Festival was an opportunity to present educational base of the high school in Kleszczów  and  skills of its students. In the Festival  participated  scientists from the University of Silesia.  The Organization of the event was attended also by Giants of Power PGE. Visitors especially children have been impressed by science in this accessible release. At the end of the Festival was held a concert performed by accordionist  and our Youth Brass Band -winners of national and international competitions. The Festival of science and culture is one of the forms through which our community  becomes a local centre of science and culture and attracts investors and new residents. 

Visit the Festival of Science and Culture



The Association called the University of the Third Age  was registered in the national court  on 30 04 2015. The  Association  helps  older inhabitants of the commune of Kleszczów to adapt to  problems of retirement age and spend active free time . Proper  health care, intellectual development,  elimination of depression  are the next important tasks of the Association related to retirement. The Association fulfils these tasks by:
- ensuring  access to education and training,
- sight-seeing activities and lectures on  history and  nature of  regions

  • lectures  on the law
  • lectures on the health holding by lecturers of medicine


The Association currently numbers 150 members. A member of the Association can be any person aged 50+, registered in  the commune , retired, pensioner or a non-working person who makes a declaration and pays a membership fee. The Board  of the Association developed the Statute  which is a base  of its activity.

All interested in membership in the Association we invite  to our office  at the cultural Centre  in Łękińsko ul. Szkolna 2 every Friday from 16-19  where  also  classes in English and computer courses  are held.

The Association is a non-governmental organization and therefore its activity is founded by membership fees as well as grants.  Job at the Association is free.


 The Foundation  supports  a Scout Troop "Heaven" among others by purchase of uniforms.  We treat the Scout Troop as an out-of -school educational institution.

 The Scouts receive uniforms under some conditions specified  in  regulations .

 We are pleased that  young people will be able to develop citizenship,  cultivate honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, perseverance, self-esteem, respect for others, creativity, manners, willingness  participate in  culture and even develop entrepreneurship.

 By the way, we appeal to inhabitants. This is the beginning, so there are not too much scouting attributes. If you have  anything we may need - please let us know.

The most important skills acquired by the scouts are among others things ability to learning , a way of satisfying the natural curiosity, teamwork skills, development of cognitive passion and willingness to cooperate. The aim is to use their knowledge during performing tasks and solving problems, shaping  attitudes of young people. In our opinion, it's really valuable initiative.